Our Network

Our Network

terre des hommes schweiz cooperates with numerous national and international institutions and organisations.
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A diverse network is an important part of the work of terre des hommes schweiz.
In these networks, exchange and dissemination of information takes place. Both synergies and specialisations of the individual organisations are used. Networking is central in order to give more weight to common interests. Some of the organisations and institutions also fulfil functions that terre des hommes schweiz cannot perform, but which we consider important.

Selected networks and institutions

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) 
The SDC coordinates Switzerland's development cooperation and plays a major role in its orientation. terre des hommes schweiz receives a contribution from the SDC to the programme work. This contribution is linked to the fulfilment of qualitative criteria which are regularly reviewed by the SDC. The SDC is in dialogue with Swiss NGOs in Switzerland and abroad, but also with organizations such as the UN or the World Bank.

Alliance brew
Alliance Sud is the joint development policy organisation of six Swiss aid agencies. terre des hommes schweiz is a partner of Alliance Sud. The organisation advocates a coherent Swiss policy towards poor countries.

International Federation Terre des Hommes
The International Federation is the network of the 10 terre des hommes organisations worldwide. At the international level, the Federation coordinates the exchange between the different terre des hommes organisations. It develops common international campaign themes and has consultative status with the UN, UNICEF, ILO (International Labour Organization) and the EU.

Cooperation Brazil (KoBra) 
KoBra is a network of various actors with connections to Brazil. The network is committed to sustainable social, ecological and economic improvements in Brazil and makes the voices of Brazilian civil society audible here. terre des hommes schweiz is a member of KoBra. The association promotes the exchange of information among its members.

Swiss peacebuilding in Colombia
Numerous Swiss NGOs and the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs are involved in peacebuilding in Colombia. The aim is to promote peace in Colombia through political negotiations and the participation of civil society. Peace promotion and the prevention of violence are also priorities in the terre des hommes switzerland Colombia programme.

Center for Peacebuilding (KOFF) 
KOFF is a platform for state and non-state actors in peacebuilding. The Center for Peacebuilding strengthens the competencies of Swiss organizations and their international partners in civil peacebuilding. For terre des hommes schweiz it offers the possibility of an exchange within the framework of the priority area of violence prevention and conflict transformation. terre des hommes schweiz is active in numerous post-conflict countries.

Ethos - Swiss Foundation for Sustainable Development
The foundation is committed to ensuring that ecological and social criteria are given weight in the investment practice and corporate governance of companies. Sustainability should be central as a guiding principle in investment and corporate governance. terre des hommes schweiz is a member of Ethos.

Working Group Tourism and Development (akte) 
akte is the Swiss expert body that questions tourism from a development policy perspective and is committed to fair relations in tourism. akte also operates the portal fairunterwegs.orgterre des hommes schweiz was co-founder of the working group on tourism and development in 1977.

aidsfocus.ch is the Swiss professional platform for HIV/AIDS and international cooperation and is a voluntary association of organisations that work in solidarity for people affected by HIV and AIDS.

Swiss Working Group of Youth Associations (SNYC)
The SNYC is the umbrella organization of youth organizations in Switzerland. It works to ensure that young people are strengthened in their competencies and can take on social responsibility. In 2010, SNYC launched the Speak out! project, which gives MNAs (Mineurs non-accompagnés - unaccompanied minor asylum seekers) the opportunity to participate in advocacy activities and develop their social skills.

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