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Contents Magazine No. 4, December 2021

Opinion: Why the withdrawal of the corrective initiative is a success for Swiss peace policy 2
Current: How terre des hommes switzerland contributes to climate protection 3
Nicaragua: How young people in the FUNARTE project practice the art of survival against violence 4
Sustainable: How Miguel Antonio López from El Salvador works on his future as a small farmer - and thus contributes to climate protection 7
Global Action Month 2021: Young people from the global south and north network for diversity and against discrimination 8
Tanja Grandits: The spicy veggie recipe of our ambassador for the EBLI project for teenage mothers in Tanzania. 10
Gift Donation.ch: Our tips for meaningful gifts for Christmas 11
Inquired: Herminia Armando Mangae from Mozambique relies on biofertilizers 12

About the magazine

The magazine of terre des hommes schweiz gives a varied insight into our work, concerns and impact.

We report, for example, ...

  • how young people in the green belt of the Mozambican capital Maputo are building up a small-scale farming existence with the support of our local partner organization;
  • what terre des hommes switzerland understands by development cooperation and why we are involved in development policy issues in Switzerland;
  • how we live our motto of youth participation when working with young people with a refugee background;
  • why and how we work with young people in Nicaragua on the topic of violence prevention.

The magazine of terre des hommes switzerland is published four times a year with a print run of around 27,000 copies. It comprises 12 pages and is aimed at Donors, association members and interested parties. The magazine of terre des hommes switzerland can be ordered for a symbolic amount of 5 francs per year via web form.

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Anna Wegelin
Communication and media
061 338 91 38 | anna.wegelin(at)terredeshommes.ch
Anna WegelinCommunication and media

061 338 91 38 | anna.wegelin(at)terredeshommes.ch

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