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The national team of terre des hommes switzerland in front of the headquarters, the kHaus, in Basel.

About us

terre of hommes switzerland is a development policy organization that empowers young people in Africa, Latin America and Switzerland. Together, we are committed to social cohesion, global justice, climate justice and a decent life for all. With our partner*We work for a strong civil society through local partnerships and strategic alliances. 

terre des hommes switzerland as an employer

At terre des hommes switzerland, a total of 63 employees are committed to a just world. Together with young people and partner organizations in Africa, Latin America and Switzerland, we create perspectives for young people. Our employees are a colorful team of experienced people who are committed to the values and goals of our organization with a lot of passion, expertise and drive.

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Open positions

Dialogueers for terre des hommes switzerland

Assignments throughout German-speaking Switzerland, 20 - 100 %

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