Annual report

The annual report

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Basel, May 24, 2022

The Foreword to the Annual Report 2021

Two years of pandemic and war of aggression in Europe have cost many lives and brought great suffering to thousands of families. The life prospects of young people in many countries in Africa and Latin America have deteriorated significantly due to months of curfews and school closures.

The shortages in food production caused by the war in Europe will lead to even more hardship, misery and hunger in our program countries. All this is leaving its mark on us, too. Exhaustion and uncertainty are on the rise, both among us and among the people involved in our projects.

It is therefore all the more important that we defend our values and visualize our successes. In the annual report of terre des hommes switzerland, you can read about the many small and large successes of the young people in our projects. Together with our partner organizations, they are living examples of civil-social commitment.

In Switzerland, we sent a strong signal for a culture of peace with the publication of our study on Swiss arms exports to Brazil last year. Together with many other organizations, we successfully campaigned for a very good, broadly supported counter-proposal to the Corrective Initiative. Switzerland now has a very strict licensing framework for arms exports to war zones.

terre des hommes switzerland is getting fit for the future. We have come to appreciate the newfound flexibility and working from home. We have decided to reduce our office space and integrate it into a coworking space that we share with other initiatives in the "K-Haus" in the heart of Basel. We look forward to many new encounters beyond our NGO network - and also to saving costs and taking a concrete step towards reducing our ecological footprint.

Our sincere thanks go to all of you, dear donors! In 2021, you have given us the best donation year in the history of terre des hommes switzerland. An encouraging sign of hope in these difficult times.


Franziska Lauper, Managing Director & Brigitta Gerber, Presidenti

Annual report 2021

The Annual report (PDF) by terre des hommes switzerland shows in a vivid way what makes us tick, what we achieve and how we go about it.

The detailed Annual financial statement (PDF) shows in detail how we as a Zewo-certified Swiss development organization the funds entrusted to us insert

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