Annual report

Annual report

Annual Report 2019: A new beginning in a period of change

A call for solidarity with young people in the Global South, a successful year 2019 marked by civil society upheavals worldwide and a balanced annual financial statement. Read the editorial for the 2019 annual report of terre des hommes switzerland.

We look back on a year of new beginnings that saw thousands of young
moved people worldwide to bring their concerns to the streets
wear. They fought for immediate action against global warming,
for more gender justice and for more freedom
in the exercise of their political rights. The global wave of protest
has also covered Africa: Never before have so many peaceful demonstrations
for more social justice than in 2019.

In Switzerland, half a million people took part in a women's strike
in June. Hundreds of thousands took part in the climate strike
in September. The strong social movements also provided
Changes in policy. In October, a new parliament
was chosen. There are now significantly more young people sitting here and a lot
more women. With confidence we looked ahead to the upcoming decisions
against Switzerland's commitment to development cooperation,
on corporate responsibility and control
of Swiss arms exports - also to our project countries.

Now we are in Switzerland under emergency law. Our health system
due to the new virus, the freedom of assembly
and we learn to live with limited medical
to handle resources. That there's not enough for everyone,
many people in our project countries in Latin America are aware of
and Africa. Confronted with an exclusive and elitist
Two-class medicine or an ailing health care infrastructure
- without social and economic rescue measures - are the
the socially vulnerable are particularly hard hit by the consequences of the pandemic
and left them defenceless against the virus.

It is the "core business" of terre des hommes schweiz, Junge und
communities to enable them to act under their own steam and under
the most difficult living conditions. The authorities in the
to take responsibility and to help young people and their environment
to support, as well. Also in view of the current, enormous
Challenges we will do this: for correct information
social exchange and cohesion, while respecting the principles of
the spatial distance and the compelling changes in behaviour

Right now, our solidarity with young
People in the Global South are particularly challenged. Their innovative strength
and their civil society involvement will be central
for dealing with the consequences of the pandemic.

Franziska Lauper, Managing Director & Brigitta Gerber, President 

Annual report 2019

The current Annual report von terre des hommes schweiz clearly shows who we are, what we do and why we are committed to young people.

The detailed Annual accounts shows how we use the money entrusted to us as a Zewo-certified Swiss relief organisation.

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