Annual report

Annual report

Annual Report 2020 - Don't let up

Basel, May 2021


2020 wasn't just a virus that upset the world, it was another year of intense social strife. Despite assembly bans and curfews, young people around the world once again protested in the streets in their hundreds of thousands to fight for their rights. Young feminist activists in Latin America have been particularly creative and vocal in drawing attention to themselves. Their protests against the unacceptable and rapidly increasing violence against girls and women have gone viral across the globe. Many young women have joined their protests. This gives hope!

The rebellion of young people is understandable. In one fell swoop, their prospects have once again darkened considerably. For the first time, the Corona pandemic threatens to increase inequality simultaneously in almost every country in the world. Hundreds of millions of people have lost their livelihoods since its outbreak. The gap between young and old is widening. The development progress of the last decade has been wiped out in many countries in Africa and Latin America.

The solidarity of the Swiss population in this truly exceptional year is all the more remarkable. The many donations we received allowed us to continue our projects for young people and to deploy additional Corona measures in an unbureaucratic and flexible manner.

We are equally pleased that a majority of the Swiss electorate has approved the Corporate Responsibility Initiative. This is a motivating sign that many people would like to see fairer North-South relations. terre des hommes switzerland will also campaign in other areas for a Swiss foreign policy that supports - and does not further restrict - the development prospects of young people in the global South. This includes the commitment to climate justice as well as the containment of arms exports from Switzerland to civil war countries and to countries with a problematic human rights situation.

Franziska Lauper, Managing Director and Brigitta Gerber, President 

Annual Report 2020

The Annual report (PDF) of terre des hommes switzerland shows in a vivid way who we are, what we do and why we work for young people and with them for a fairer world.

The detailed Annual financial statement (PDF) shows how we use the funds entrusted to us as a Zewo-certified Swiss development organisation.

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