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Swiss Federal Parliament

Federal Council bleeds development cooperation dry

The Federal Council presented the key figures for the 2025 budget today. It also provides for a reduction of 1.4% in international cooperation (IC). Last year, the dispatch on IC 25 - 28 provided for an increase of 2.5% to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine. The Federal Council has only

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Democracy under pressure

The federal government wants to save on development cooperation: Next year, the new International Cooperation Strategy (IC) 2025 - 2028 and the budget for it will be discussed in Parliament. International cooperation makes an important contribution to strengthening democracy worldwide. In times of growing authoritarianism around the world, funding for this must not be cut. 

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Between nostalgia and a fresh start

Young people with a refugee background face many challenges, but they also have a wealth of potential and strengths. With the "MePower" project, terre des hommes schweiz is responding to the lack of psychosocial support available for young refugees in Switzerland. A visit to the summer camp on the theme of "Home". 

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terre des hommes switzerland participates in Culturescapes 2023 Sahara

This year's edition of the cross-disciplinary art festival Culturescapes is dedicated to the Sahara. With several film evenings, discussion rounds and a city tour, terre des hommes schweiz puts the Western Sahara in the spotlight. At this year's edition of the art festival Culturescapes, terre des hommes switzerland is participating as a partner on Western Sahara. This against the background that the Western Sahara is a program country.

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Young woman looking directly at camera, interview

Do not save at the expense of the Global South

The federal government wants to save on development cooperation: Next year, the new International Cooperation Strategy (IC) 2025 - 2028 and the budget for it will be discussed in parliament. It is already clear that cuts for IC are imminent. terre des hommes switzerland asked young people in Basel for their opinion on this. The Federal Council has

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Logo SLAPP, Swiss Alliance against Strategic lawsuits against public participation. A woman and a man with their mouths taped shut.

Swiss Alliance against SLAPP founded

In Switzerland, too, intimidation suits and threats of legal action against non-governmental organizations are on the rise. Such so-called SLAPPs are intended to prevent unwelcome reports and intimidate civil society.

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A young man, in a checkered shirt, laughs into the camera, a green meadow behind.

"I have found a second home in Switzerland".

Many young people with a refugee background are under enormous psychological pressure in Switzerland. In addition to the uncertainty of whether they will be allowed to stay in Switzerland, the culture shock and the language barrier, traumatic experiences put a great strain on these young people. With the project "MePower" terre des hommes switzerland fills a gap and offers psycho-social support for young migrants. At

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backdrop seamless pattern with group of diverse people in a circle from different cultures holding hands. community men and women of friends or volunteers. top view. racial equality.team

Generation Global: Why young people get involved in international cooperation

A policy for the future must take the perspective of young people seriously. This also applies to international cooperation, which is a concern of the younger generation. A generation is growing up around the world that thinks and feels much more globally than their parents and grandparents. Young people today are growing up in a highly interconnected globalized world. They are

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A scrapbook for the European Football Championship, with stickers, an artistic alternative album to the Panini album.

Making the tschutti heftli 2024 possible together

The tschutti heftli, the alternative scrapbook for football fans, needs our support. For years, fans have enjoyed this unique project, which is considered an artistic alternative to the traditional, commercial Panini albums. But the tschutti heftli is more than just a scrapbook - it also has a social purpose. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the tschutti

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