A cook, smiling, in a Gasto kitchen.

Interview with Tanja Grandits: "Young women are close to my heart".

Our ambassador, the star chef Tanja Grandits from Basel, is committed to helping young women from our partner organization Ebli in Tanzania.

Why are you involved with terre des hommes switzerland?

Every day I am aware of how lucky I am in my life. That's why it's important to me that I keep actively doing things that are outside my own happiness zone. I support the projects in Tanzania that work for a fairer future for young women. Young women are extremely close to my heart because I have a young woman for a daughter. She is so lucky with what she does and lives in great freedom. In many places in the world, young women still have a very, very hard time in life. None of what we have here in Switzerland can be taken for granted.

We are committed to sustainable livelihoods. To what extent is sustainability important to you when it comes to cooking?

It is always a great motivation for me to do things with a good conscience. And not at the expense of the environment or animals. I try to do my best here, too. My principle is to actively do good things - also in my job. For example, the regional origin of the food is very important to me, and we also try to produce as little waste as possible.

In addition to your restaurant, the store and your commitment to terre des hommes switzerland, you have a daughter and a dog. How do you reconcile everything?

I can only do so much because I have such great people around me. You can't achieve much on your own, but together with my team I can do a lot. I have almost 50 employees who support me. I also have a lot of energy because I enjoy what I do so much.

If you could change the world, what would you do first?

I focus on the things I can change in my own world. It's clear: There should never be another war and no one should go hungry. But if you think too much about these big things, then you quickly forget that you can change a lot of things in the small environment as well.

How would you convince others to also get involved with terre des hommes schweiz or similar organizations?

I think such a commitment is really very important because we are sitting on a golden throne. Most people in Switzerland don't have to worry about having something to eat the next day. It is so important to be aware of this. We are a community of life on this planet and we are not only responsible for ourselves.

You have written a new cookbook. When will it be published? My new vegetarian cookbook "Simply Tanja" will be published in October. The recipes are even simpler than before, they can all be shared well at the table. I am looking forward to the book and to my recipes then being published here in the magazine.

The interview was conducted by Valerie Wendenburg, Media and Communication at terre des hommes switzerland

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