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Protection to prevent teenage pregnancies

Nicaragua has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the world. Violence against girls and women is also a daily occurrence. With our work, we help to promote the holistic development of young people, strengthen their right to a life free of violence and support the practice of safe and self-determined sexuality. Idania Yaritza Benavidez Zeledon is a bright young woman.

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Rita Müller wants to help working children in Nicaragua to start an independent and dignified life. Therefore she supports the project "Protecting and strengthening working children" with a sponsorship.

Help those who have less

The possibility of making regular and targeted donations to a project without much effort and at the same time being kept informed about its development is something our sponsorship holders enjoy. Some have been doing so for many years. We asked our sponsor Rita Müller from Therwil why they are so committed and why they stay with us.
Sascha Tankerville, Information and Media

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