Sponsorship for children

Sponsorship for children

Protect and strengthen

Many children in Africa and Latin America suffer from poverty and exploitation. AIDS orphans drop out of school because they have to look after their younger siblings. Working children slave away at the market because the family income is insufficient. With a sponsorship you give children in need protection and new courage to face life.
Three black boys from Tanzania sit on a doorstep.

Ricky: "I enjoy learning"
Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the world. The children hardly have time to go to school, because they have to work to contribute to the family income. In the children's clubs of our partner organisation Tuktan Sirpi, the working children can rest, learn and play. The 9-year-old Ricky has to sell tortillas at the market before and after school - he hardly has time to learn. In the children's club in Jinotega he can simply "be a child" and repeat the school material with the supervisors. This way he doesn't lose his connection at school and has the chance for a better future.

Teresa: "I have found new courage to face life"
Aids is very widespread in Tanzania. The disease deprives many children not only of their parents, but also of the opportunity for a dignified life. Even 13-year-old Teresa and her siblings were left alone after the death of their parents. Our partner organisation Humuliza takes care of AIDS orphans, finances their school fees and helps the children to cope with the traumatic experiences of caring for their parents and their death. In a few years, Teresa will be able to get an education that will secure her existence.

Little nine-year-old boy drawing on a whiteboard.

"Thanks to the remedial classes, I'm not losing my place in school."

Ricky, working child from Nicaragua, 9 years

Beneficiary projects

In this list you will find the projects that benefit from this sponsorship.

Strengthening and supporting working children (Nicaragua)

AIDS orphans programme (Mozambique)

Handicraft courses for children and young people (Mozambique)

Active against forced marriage (Mozambique)

Psychosocial support for children and young people affected by HIV/AIDS (Mozambique)

A safe environment for children and young people (Nicaragua)

Better living conditions for young people in poverty (Tanzania)

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