Sponsorship for girls and women

Sponsorship for girls and women

Living self-determined

Girls and women are exploited and abused in many parts of the world because of their gender. Disadvantaged girls and women need protection and the chance to actively shape their future. With a sponsorship you protect girls from exploitation and violence and help them to lead a self-determined life.

Sol: "Silence kills"

Picture of a young woman with short hair from El Salvador looking into the camera from the side.
Violence is commonplace in El Salvador. 19-year-old Sol has experienced much violence at home. Her father beat her and her mother every night, but out of shame they both kept silent. When Sol was 16 years old, her mother died from a head injury. Our partner organisation Las Mélidas, which works against violence against girls and young women, encouraged Sol to break out of the cycle of violence. Today Sol knows that silence kills. That's why she goes to schools to encourage other girls to raise their voices against violence and to fight back. "I have managed to escape poverty by my own efforts."

Ashula: "A better life for my daughter"

Portrait of Ashula, fish seller from Tanzania, 16 years
In Tanzania, every fifth girl becomes pregnant before reaching the age of majority. Contraception and sexuality are traditionally taboo. Pregnant girls like 16-year-old Ashula are excluded from the school system because it is feared that they might have a negative influence on other young people. At the centre of our partner organisation Ebli she attended further education courses for young mothers after the birth of her child. Together with two other girls she now sells smoked fish at markets. She is very happy because she can take care of herself and her child with her earnings.
Sponsorship for girls and young women

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Minimum annual amount CHF 120
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Advantages of a sponsorship

A hand-painted 1-franc coin.
Every franc donated goes entirely into the sponsorship of your choice.
Three painted black teenagers. One of them has an infant in a sling on his back.
With a single sponsorship you can benefit many children and young people in the long term.
A painted heart with a blue ribbon.
You donate to a cause that ist close to your heart

Beneficiary projects

In this list you will find the projects that benefit from this sponsorship.

- Ways out of the spiral of violence (Brazil)

- Strong together for women's rights
(El Salvador)

- A life without violence for girls and young women (Mozambique)

- Empowering young women for a healthy life (Tanzania)

- Help for victims of sexual abuse (South Africa)

- Future prospects for girls and young women (Tanzania)

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