Sponsorship for young people

Sponsorship for young people

Life instead of flight

Two Brazilian youngsters from our project with Centro Sabia.

Young people in Africa and Latin America have a hard time. Many suffer from violence and crime. Yet young people need prospects in order to use their potential. They are the engine of society and the future of tomorrow. With a sponsorship you give young people a real chance: a future worth living in their home country.

Luiz: "Giving life a positive turn"
Many adolescents in El Salvador have only two options: Escape to the USA or join a criminal gang of youths. Poverty and violence are omnipresent. At the age of 14, Luiz joined a mara and shortly afterwards ended up in prison. At our partner organization Quetzalcoatl, Luiz learned that there are alternatives to crime. 

Today the young man works as a social worker and says: "I dream that one day peace will prevail in El Salvador and that the gang wars will come to an end. I know from my own experience that you can give your life a positive turn."

Rose: "I want to help women in need."
Many young people hope to find work in Tanzania's gold and diamond mines. But only a few of them find employment and so many of them go into illegal employment. Especially girls and young women are at risk of being exposed to abuse. The prospect of earning good money also attracted the then 17-year-old Rose to Geita. But instead of the hoped-for prosperity, she expected sexual exploitation and violence there. At Nelico, our partner organisation, she found medical and psychological help. Rose received a scholarship and would like to study psychology to help other women in need.

Young man with white T-shirt sitting at a dark wooden table.

"I have come to terms with my past and found new courage to face life."

Luiz, social worker from El Salvador, 23 years

Beneficiary projects

In this list you will find the projects that benefit from this sponsorship.

Counteracting rural exodus of young people (Brazil)

Youth projects to prevent violence (Brazil)

Alternatives to gang crime (El Salvador)

A future for rural youth (Colombia)

Life perspectives away from crime (Colombia)

Young people break the spiral of violence (Colombia)

With art and culture against youth violence (Colombia)

Young people against violence (Nicaragua)

Strengthening Black Youth in El Carmen (Peru)

Promoting the independence of rural youth (Peru)

Strengthening Andean youth in the countryside (Peru)

Holistic and artistic circus training for young people in Lima (Peru)

Better living conditions for young people in poverty (Tanzania)

Future prospects for young people (Zimbabwe)

Youth centres in Smara (Western Sahara)

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