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IPCC report: "The climate time bomb is ticking".

Leading scientists and climate researchers meet regularly to reconcile their assessments of climate change and their projections and to produce a joint report: The This Synthesis Report (SYR) of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (AR6). IPCC_AR6_SYR_SPM.pdf.  

In the new IPCC report, everyone agrees that climate change is already having a serious impact on many sectors. Rising temperatures and the accumulation of extreme weather events such as hurricanes, floods and droughts are having a dramatic impact on food security, health and migration.  

There is also a strong consensus among scientists that immediate action is needed to avoid more serious consequences. However, with the current course, it is not possible to achieve the goal of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees. What is clear is that any further warming would have disproportionately greater consequences and increase the likelihood that irreversible tipping points will be crossed. It is also clear that not everyone is affected equally by climate change. Those who have contributed least to climate change (such as the world's poorest countries, or even future generations) will be hit hardest by climate change.  

For this reason, terre des hommes schweiz has already looked in depth in recent years at what it can do itself as an organization to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions. In this context, the two organizations terre des hommes schweiz in Basel and Terre des Hommes Suisse in Geneva have pooled their know-how and last year participated in a joint Climate and environment roadmap worked. With the timetable, the Climate Roadmap, Allianz professes to be the Reduction of their ecological footprint in all central work processes to integrate.  

terre des hommes switzerland is also committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the level of Switzerland and worldwide. Here, politics and legislation in particular are called upon to take necessary measures.       

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