Projects in Tanzania

Projects in Tanzania

HIV/Aids is an omnipresent issue in Tanzania. Many children and young people are left on their own or have to help sick parents. terre des hommes switzerland supports young people in dealing with this stressful situation.  

HIV/AIDS: Hope for affected children and young people

Because of the AIDS pandemic, more and more children and young people in Tanzania are growing up without parents. The loss of their parents is not only a great emotional burden for the orphans, but also carries an increased risk of poverty. Our partner organisation HUMULIZA cares for children and young people affected by AIDS and poverty. It covers their basic needs, helps them to cope with grief and gives them access to education.

Education and vocational training for teenage mothers

Hardly any other country has as many early pregnancies as Tanzania. Many get involved with a man under false promises and do not know how they can protect themselves from pregnancy. As soon as the girls are pregnant, they are abandoned by the men. Together with our partner organisation EBLI, we support young mothers in breaking out of the cycle of poverty and leading a dignified life.

Prevention of violence: young people get involved

Forced marriages, early pregnancies, violence: girls and young women in the rural regions of Tanzania suffer from the strongly patriarchal social structures. They are brought up to assume a passive role in society and they are allowed to be beaten if, for example, they burn the food or do not feel like having sex. These norms and structures disadvantage girls and women and make it difficult for them to claim and practice their rights, especially since the girls are not aware of them and society ignores these abuses.

Basic information

Simplified map of Tanzania

Size: 8.5 million km² (206 times Switzerland)

Population58 million (6.8 times Switzerland)

Human Development Index: 0,754 (rank 79 of 185 countries)

Distribution of income in %: 82.9 (0 = equal distribution / 100% = one person has everything)

Proportion of population aged 0 to 24 years: 40.3% (Switzerland: 26.5%)

Homicide rate: 24.6 per 100 000 inhabitants (Switzerland: 0.6)

Focus of workSexual health and rights

Program Coordination

Susanne Furler
Program Coordination Tanzania and International Youth Network
061 338 91 38 | susanne.furler(a)terredeshommes.ch
Susanne FurlerProgram Coordination Tanzania and International Youth Network

061 338 91 38 | susanne.furler(a)terredeshommes.ch

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