MePower Exhibition Elisabethen 2023

Young Refugees and Freedom - Photo Exhibition in the Open Church Elisabethen

As part of a summer workshop organized by terre des hommes switzerland, young refugees from Ukraine and other countries dealt with the following topics «Freedom» and «Wear masks». As a creative implementation land art object and plaster masks were created. Photos of these objects and their creation will be exhibited in the Open Church Elisabethen from March 7 to 26, 2023.

What does freedom mean for each and every individual? And how does it feel to wear a mask? Can it also be a protection in everyday life?

These were the questions addressed by young people with a refugee background during a week of workshops. The participants included young people from southern Africa, Kurdistan and Ukraine. They discussed how it feels to wear a mask and the situations in which they themselves have already had to slip into a different role. Afterwards, the young people made their own colorful plaster masks.

In the second creative project, land art objects on the theme of freedom were created from what nature offers and from hemp string as the only tool. Among other things, the young refugees made a protective amulet out of flowers or a safe house out of stones and plants.

The workshop took place as part of the MePower project of terre des hommes switzerland for young refugees in the Basel area. At MePower, young people with a refugee background learn about their strengths and possibilities for action and have the opportunity to network with each other.

The exhibition will be open to the interested public from March 7 to 26.

Note: Due to external events at the Open Church Elisabethen, the exhibition will be inaccessible on the following days:

  • 09.03.2023 (from 16.00 h) - 12.03.2023 (until 13.00 h)
  • 16.03.2023 (from 13.00) - 20.03.2023 (until 12.00)

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