annual report 2022

Healthy finances give young people prospects

In 2022, terre des hommes schweiz collected almost 12 million Swiss francs, making it once again the best revenue year in the history of the development policy organization. The healthy finances allow terre des hommes switzerland to continue making a solid contribution to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in favor of young people's prospects. The current annual report shows how young people in Africa, Latin America and Switzerland are bringing about positive change.

"terre des hommes schweiz is sustainably positioned and financially strong," says Reto Mischler, Head of Communications and Fundraising, about the 2022 financial result, which is documented in the Annual Report and Financial Statements 2022, approved by the members at yesterday's General Assembly in Basel. "The donations from private individuals, organizations and the public sector confirm once again this year: we enjoy a great deal of trust and remain on course," Reto Mischler comments on the record income.

Reached almost 440,000 young people worldwide

With projects on the ground, terre des hommes switzerland and its partner organizations have reached almost 440,000 young people worldwide, 58 percent of them young women. Gabriela Wichser, Head of Programs, writes in the annual report: "We help young people to stand on their own two feet economically in a sustainable and healthy environment and to take control of their lives - always on an equal footing and in the spirit of decolonization." This at a time when strong civil societies and functioning democracies are under threat around the world. terre des hommes switzerland is adapting its programs by focusing the NGO on training on security plans and on psychosocial support programs. "Local grassroots organizations and youth collectives in particular need support to deal with intimidation and manage the risks of their activism," says Gabriela Wichser.

Milestone for the climate

Thanks to the great support of donors, terre des hommes schweiz was once again able to intensify its project work in Switzerland. In doing so, the organization always keeps the 2030 Agenda in mind in order to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Together with Terre des Hommes Suisse in Geneva, a climate and environmental roadmap was developed. This sets out joint concrete measures to reduce the ecological footprint by 50 percent by 2030. This is "a sign of credibility for us as an organization committed to climate justice," write board president Dr. Brigitta Gerber and managing director Franziska Lauper in their foreword to the annual report. Another highlight of the past year, besides the move to the kHaus am Rhein in Basel, was the 20th anniversary of the imagine festival.

Training for 66,000 children and young people

In the face of numerous, interdependent crises around the world, terre des hommes switzerland wants to remain an organization that is committed to long-term, reliable work alongside young people and partner organizations in the global South in the areas of health, peace culture and sustainable livelihoods, and that raises its voice in Switzerland. In 2022, terre des hommes switzerland reached nearly 66,000 children and young people worldwide with trainings. Cooperation in networks and with young people is to be strengthened and decisions increasingly delegated to the program countries. Dr. Brigitta Gerber and Franziska Lauper write: "In doing so, we want to retain the maneuverability of a medium-sized ferry and not get caught up in the waters of the big tankers. The basis for this is to ensure the financial sustainability of the organization through prudent planning and the efficient use of financial resources."

About terre des hommes switzerland

terre des hommes switzerland strengthens young people in Africa, Latin America and Switzerland. Together with them, we fight poverty, violence and discrimination and advocate for the rights of children and young people and just North-South relations. Our core competence lies in participative and solution-oriented work with young people.

Reto Mischler, Head of Communication and Fundraising: reto.mischler@terredeshommes.ch, +41 78 823 45 05
Valerie Wendenburg, Media Office: valerie.wendenburg@terredeshommes.ch, +41 79 293 77 09

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