Corona emergency aid in Brazil

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To date, almost 700,000 people in Brazil have died as a result of a Corona infection - hardly any other country in the world has suffered more victims. The population in the northeast of the country, where almost half of the people live in poverty, has been hardest hit by the consequences of the pandemic. The spread of the virus has also brought Brazil to the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe: 117 million Brazilians are now suffering from food shortages and 19 million from acute hunger.. Young people were also left behind when it came to their education: more than 5.1 million students between the ages of six and 17 were excluded from education because they did not have stable Internet access and could not follow online classes. These sad facts have made the Alliance terre des hommes switzerland / Terre des Hommes Suisse The project "Emergency response to Covid-19 Crisis in Brazil" was launched. Together with local partner organizations, food and hygiene products were distributed. It also ensured that many young people participated in online classes by guaranteeing families financial support so they could afford a stable internet connection. In this way, we responded to the urgent needs of young people who are suffering the most from the pandemic and its aftermath. The emergency aid provided around 30 000 reached people severely affected by the pandemic from the states of Bahía, Pernambuco and Paraíba in northeastern Brazil. It was particularly gratifying that the food distributed to the needy was produced by young smallholders from our partner organizations in Brazil - who thus also benefited. The project was largely supported by Swiss Solidarity.  

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