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Ways out of the spiral of violence

In Peixinhos, a district of Olinda in the state of Pernambuco, the challenges are great: violence, crime, inadequate schooling and a precarious economic situation characterize the neighbourhood. Despite these difficulties, young people like 19-year-old Keila Marques are committed to peaceful coexistence and a dignified life in their community. Keila Marques does not like to talk about it,

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A Brazilian success story

Together with its partner organizations, terre des hommes schweiz is committed to sustainable and ecological agriculture in several countries. A new study from Brazil also shows that agroforestry systems supported by terre des hommes schweiz mitigate the effects of climate change. Larissa Silva de Oliveira is a farmer in Brazil. At the beginning, the 19-year-old was ashamed of her

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youth contribution environmental protection brazil

Youth contribution to environmental protection

In Brazil, the gap between rich and poor is wide. In the state of Paraíba in the northeast of the country, the situation for young people from smallholder families is desolate. Our partner organization ASPTA supports them in building a dignified life in their homeland. Rafaela de Azevedo Teófilo's life took a special turn when she won the first prize in a competition.

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Corona emergency aid in Brazil

To date, almost 700,000 people in Brazil have died as a result of a Corona infection - hardly any other country in the world has suffered more victims. The population in the northeast of the country, where almost half of the people live in poverty, has been hardest hit by the consequences of the pandemic. The spread of the virus has

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Arms Export Switzerland Brazil

Despite violence - Swiss arms exports to Brazil continue

Swiss companies exported war materiel worth 955 million Swiss francs to 60 countries in 2022 based on licenses issued by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco) - 29 percent more than in 2021. Despite the new war materiel law, munitions were also exported to Brazil - despite a tense political situation and human rights violations. The fears of terre des hommes switzerland

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police violence in brazil

Swiss arms companies profit from Bolsonaro's weapons policy

On October 30, Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro will stand for re-election. Whether the opposing candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva can prevail in the second round of voting is still uncertain. From the perspective of human rights organizations, Brazil has experienced devastating regressions under Bolsonaro. The partner organizations of terre des hommes switzerland, which are involved in violence prevention in Brazil, see

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Mateus Nascimento is a young farmer from Paraíba, Brazil.

The gold from the northeast of Brazil

Couscous is a food that is so present in northeastern Brazil that many Brazilians are unaware of its African origins. The food, made from corn flour, is an essential part of Brazilian food culture. One of the products that is trying to establish itself is the "Flocão da Paixão". But the battle for market share is fierce. At one

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Equal opportunities for the Afro-Brazilian population

In the state of Bahia in Brazil, more than three quarters of the inhabitants have Afro-Brazilian roots. In their everyday lives, they suffer discrimination and massive violence. CIPÓ, a partner organization of terre des hommes switzerland, campaigns for their rights and better living conditions. SRF mitenand visited the project.

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