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Corona-Nothilfe in Brasilien

Bis heute sind in Brasilien fast 700 000 Menschen an den Folgen einer Corona-Infektion gestorben – kaum ein Land weltweit hat mehr Opfer zu beklagen. Von den Folgen der Pandemie am härtesten betroffen ist die Bevölkerung im Nordosten des Landes, in dem fast die Hälfte der Menschen in Armut lebt. Die Ausbreitung des Virus hat

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Waffenexport Schweiz Brasilien

Trotz Gewalt – weiterhin Schweizer Waffenexporte nach Brasilien

Schweizer Unternehmen haben im Jahr 2022 gestützt auf Bewilligungen des Staatssekretariats für Wirtschaft (Seco) Kriegsmaterial für 955 Millionen Franken in 60 Länder exportiert – das sind 29 Prozent mehr als 2021. Trotz des neuen Kriegsmaterialgesetzes wurde auch Munition nach Brasilien exportiert – trotz angespannter politischer Lage und Menschenrechtsverletzungen.  Die Befürchtungen von terre des hommes schweiz

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police violence in brazil

Swiss arms companies profit from Bolsonaro's weapons policy

On October 30, Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro will stand for re-election. Whether the opposing candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva can prevail in the second round of voting is still uncertain. From the perspective of human rights organizations, Brazil has experienced devastating regressions under Bolsonaro. The partner organizations of terre des hommes switzerland, which are involved in violence prevention in Brazil, see

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Mateus Nascimento is a young farmer from Paraíba, Brazil.

The gold from the northeast of Brazil

Couscous is a food that is so present in northeastern Brazil that many Brazilians are unaware of its African origins. The food, made from corn flour, is an essential part of Brazilian food culture. One of the products that is trying to establish itself is the "Flocão da Paixão". But the battle for market share is fierce. At one

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Equal opportunities for the Afro-Brazilian population

In the state of Bahia in Brazil, more than three quarters of the inhabitants have Afro-Brazilian roots. In their everyday lives, they suffer discrimination and massive violence. CIPÓ, a partner organization of terre des hommes switzerland, campaigns for their rights and better living conditions. SRF mitenand visited the project.

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YES to a credible peace policy

Today, September 15, the National Council debated the corrective initiative. To the great delight of the Alliance against Arms Exports to Civil War Countries, the National Council and the Council of States have taken up and implemented all its core concerns. The initiative, for which terre des hommes switzerland is campaigning, will therefore be withdrawn. A great day for a credible peace policy. Now it is a matter of

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Correction initiative: withdrawal possible

On Monday, September 13, 2021, the National Council will discuss the corrective initiative including a counter-proposal. The Council of States has already passed a counter-proposal in spring, which represents an acceptable compromise for the Alliance against Arms Exports to Civil War Countries. If the National Council follows the proposal of the Council of States, the Alliance will withdraw the corrective initiative. terre des hommes switzerland is committed to the initiative.

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"My black body a target"

Lucas Leão is a poet and human rights activist. His colleague Cassiane Paixão works as a political consultant and is involved in social movements. Both are young, of Afro-Brazilian origin and participate in CIPÓ. This partner organization of terre des hommes switzerland works with disadvantaged black youth in Salvador on the topic of violence prevention. The large city of Salvador is located in the state of Bahia in the

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