Projects in Tanzania

Projects in Tanzania

HIV/Aids is an omnipresent issue in Tanzania. Many children and young people are left on their own or have to help sick parents. terre des hommes switzerland supports young people in dealing with this stressful situation.  

Improving the living conditions of children and young people

Poverty, violence and HIV/AIDS are widespread in Tanzania. Girls and women are exposed to various forms of violence. In addition to domestic violence, they are often at the mercy of sexual assault. In the Kigoma region, where we work, many young people between the ages of 15 and 24 are infected with HIV because of this. Despite this, there are hardly any youth-friendly services. The focus of our work is to strengthen the resilience of young people and to teach them life skills.

Strengthening and promoting: psychosocial support for children and adolescents

Violence is an everyday occurrence for many children and young people in the Kagera region. Many become orphans at an early age and then have to take responsibility for themselves and their younger siblings. Because of the prevailing gender inequalities and the lack of education. are Teenage Pregnancies another major problem. We empower affected children and young people through school education, awareness work, and medical and psychological care.

Education and vocational training for teenage mothers

Hardly any other country has as many early pregnancies as Tanzania. A quarter of Tanzanian girls become pregnant before the age of 18. Many get involved with a man under false promises and do not know how to protect themselves from pregnancy. We educate the young mothers, teach them important life skills and support their income-generating projects. 

Prevention of violence: young people get involved

Forced marriages, early pregnancies, violence: girls and young women in rural Tanzania suffer from patriarchal social structures. They are raised to be allowed to be beaten if, for example, they burn the food or don't feel like having sex. We provide young people with knowledge on sexual and reproductive health issues, build youth clubs and sensitize parents or guardians to the rights of young people.

Basic information

Simplified map of Tanzania

Size: 8.5 million km² (206 times Switzerland)

Population58 million (6.8 times Switzerland)

Human Development Index: 0,754 (rank 79 of 185 countries)

Distribution of income in %: 82.9 (0 = equal distribution / 100% = one person has everything)

Proportion of population aged 0 to 24 years: 40.3% (Switzerland: 26.5%)

Homicide rate: 24.6 per 100 000 inhabitants (Switzerland: 0.6)

Focus of workSexual health and rights

Program Coordination

Susanne Furler
Program coordination Tanzania and Colombia
061 338 91 38 | susanne.furler(a)terredeshommes.ch
Susanne FurlerProgram coordination Tanzania and Colombia

061 338 91 38 | susanne.furler(a)terredeshommes.ch

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