Projects in Tanzania

Projects in Tanzania

HIV/Aids is a universal concern in Tanzania. Many children and young people are left on their own or have to look after sick parents. terre des hommes schweiz helps young people to cope in this situation. Our partner organisations also address recent alarming trends such as albino killings.

Supporting Aids orphans

As a result of the Aids pandemic, more and more children in Tanzania are growing up without parents. The loss of their parents is not only a huge emotional burden for the orphans but also brings with it an increased risk of poverty. Our partner organisation HUMULIZA supports children and young people affected by HIV/Aids in coping with their grief, teaches them practical skills and awards grants for education.

Hope for the future for girls and young women

Girls and young women in Tanzania often do not know how they can protect themselves from an unwanted pregnancy or from sexually transmitted diseases. Since they are disadvantaged by society financially, socially and legally, many do not know their rights. Our partner organisation Ebli helps girls and young women to learn how to protect their own sexuality and their bodies on their own terms. They show them ways they can support themselves economically in the future, so that girls do not enter into unnecessarily dependent relationships.

A better life for young people in poverty

Children, young people and women are particularly affected by the Aids pandemic in north-west Tanzania. As orphans and widows, they have to cope with the loss of their family members, but often suffer from HIV/Aids themselves and are therefore pushed to the margins of society. The organisation Nelico works to support the rights and needs of the people affected in this way. The organisation pays special attention to albinos, who are often persecuted and murdered in Tanzania because of superstitious beliefs.

Improving the living conditions of children and young people

Kigoma is in north-west Tanzania and is one of the poorest regions of the country. Most of its young people live in abject poverty. Seeing no prospects for their future, many of them become addicted to drugs. For girls, there is a particular risk of becoming pregnant at a young age. Our partner organisation Kividea runs a youth centre and helps improve the future prospects of young people so that they take an active part in society and become socially integrated.

Basic information

Simplified map of Tanzania

Size: 945 087 km² (22,9 times Switzerland)

Population: 53.5 Mio. (6,4 times Switzerland)

Human Development Index: 0.531 (Rank 151 of 185 countries)

Income distribution in %: 73,1 (0 = Equal distribution / 100% = one person owns everything)

Share of population from 0 to 24 years: 64,1% (Switzerland: 26,5%)

Murder rate: 12,7 of 100 000 Inhabitants (Switzerland: 0,6)

Key project area: Prevention of violence, education an income

Programme Coordinator

Catherine Brunold
Programme Coordinator Tanzania and Desk for Health
061 335 91 57 | Catherine.Hollinger(a)
Catherine BrunoldProgramme Coordinator Tanzania and Desk for Health

061 335 91 57 | Catherine.Hollinger(a)

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