Creation of small enterprises

Creation of small enterprises

Securing your own future with small businesses

Many young people who have finished school face the problem of not being able to find work in their area. Young and full of motivation, they want to achieve something. terre des hommes schweiz supports these young people in becoming successfully self-employed.
A young woman holds coffee beans in her hands.
Rosemery is now satisfied with the quality of her coffee. In the future she would like to grow additional specialty coffee and market it directly for export.

Young people often work under undignified working conditions. They work as day labourers on low incomes or unpaid for their families. A regular income is rare. Self-employment is usually not possible either: young people generally have little technical and entrepreneurial knowledge and experience to offer a market-relevant product or service. Furthermore, young people have no access to credit.

Based on the experience gained from the projects, terre des hommes schweiz supports young people in building up small businesses in two areas:

A young person presents figures and plans for his own small business.
  • Young people develop ideas for services or products and test their feasibility.
  • On the one hand, young people receive qualified further training in craftsmanship and technology. On the other hand they also receive further training in entrepreneurial issues (e.g. in the preparation of business plans and market analyses).
  • terre des hommes schweiz supports young people in their search for start-up financing within the framework of government programmes or through loans from a credit institution. It is very important that the business idea is viable and mature in order to minimise the risk of getting into debt. As a rule, young people have no access to credit institutions. In these cases, terre des hommes schweiz is prepared to provide initial financing in the form of a loan (sometimes with partial repayment). The amount of this loan or credit depends largely on the possibilities of the young people and their parents.
  • Young people receive professional and personal support during the start-up phase of their small business.
  • Both parents and communities are involved in this process.
  • Young people network and exchange their experiences with other young people.

Sample projects Establishment of small enterprises

Youth in Chalatenango develop alternatives to migration - Partner organisation CORDES in El Salvador

Better income for young people thanks to quality coffee - Partner organisation CEDEPAS in Peru

SDG graphic for target no. 8

Agenda 2030 - Development Goal 8

This part of the project work relates to the fulfilment of sustainable development goal 8 of Agenda 2030 (UNO).

The content of the target:
"Promote sustained, broad-based and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all".


Andreas Hugentobler
Program coordination El Salvador and thematic responsibility Sustainable livelihoods
061 338 91 49 | andreas.hugentobler(at)terredeshommes.ch
Andreas HugentoblerProgram coordination El Salvador and thematic responsibility Sustainable livelihoods

061 338 91 49 | andreas.hugentobler(at)terredeshommes.ch

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