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Young woman from Peru shows her freshly harvested coffee beans.

The power of youth

Today, August 12th, the UNO celebrates youth. Many actions by and with young people take place. The youth and their power change society again and again. The young people are the future. This makes it all the more important to support young people and to ensure that their important concerns are heard.

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Men with white shirts are sitting at a long conference table.

Civil society demands peace

Yesterday, Colombia elected Ivan Duque as the new president for the term of office from 2018 to 2022. With the election of Duque, the peace process in the country is threatened with final failure. Ten Swiss development and human rights organisations are calling on Ivan Duque's government to continue the peace process it has begun and to work for the security and rights of all Colombian citizens.
Media communiqué of 18.06.2018

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"They will not silence us!"

The murder of Marielle Franco, a city councillor and human rights activist from Rio de Janeiro, hit our partner organisations in Brazil like a slap in the face. The organisations working to prevent violence in favelas feel that they could be just as badly affected at any time.
Andrea Zellhuber, Violence Prevention Unit

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Two middle-aged women in front of a white wall.

"Positive energy combined with concrete success is phenomenal"

For almost ten years, terre des hommes switzerland has been implementing the Youth2Youth programme in southern Africa, which trains young people in the application of the solution-oriented approach. But how successful is this programme really? Psychologist Berenice Meintjes and education expert Sharon Grussendorf investigated this question in an independent evaluation.
Interview conducted by Sascha Tankerville

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Older woman is sitting at a light wooden table and on her right side the book cover is shown.

It is worth placing trust in young people

Together with the child and youth psychiatrist Dr. Therese Steiner, Irene Bush has been leading the Youth2Youth training program (Y2Y) for eight years, which is very successful in our project countries. We asked her where this success comes from and what she has learned from this time.

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A masked policeman in black with a machine gun guards four youths

Central America: the number of unaccompanied minors is increasing

In 2016 alone, over 182,000 underage refugees from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala were registered on their way north. They are all looking for a place where they are protected from violence. Often they are exposed to similar dangers on the road as in their homeland. Their protection in the transit countries urgently needs to be improved.
Text: Lesli Gutiérrez Garduño

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House surrounded by brown floods. Palm trees in the background, garden furniture in the foreground.

Brazil: Disasters with announcement

The consequences of climate change are increasingly evident in the state of Pernambuco in Brazil. Only the local government is blind on this eye. Empty coffers are used as an excuse for not taking appropriate preventive measures. Our partner organisation Centro Sabia is fighting against this.
Annette Mokler, Programme Coordination Brazil

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Young people look with their backs to the camera into the distance at the wooden park on the Klybeck area.

Basel city walks with young refugees

Do you know how young refugees experience our city? In which places are they staying and why? With city tours, young refugees and young people from our Swiss youth project explore together the city in which they live, but rarely meet each other in everyday life.

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Teenagers and young adults of our project of Quetzalcoatl.

Escaping the clutches of the maras

Poverty and violence have a firm grip on El Salvador and drive many young people into the arms of criminal gangs. Where the state abandons them, Quetzalcoatl takes the concerns and fears of endangered young people seriously. Our partner organisation makes a decisive contribution to preventing violence from escalating further.
Andrea Zellhuber, responsible for violence prevention

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