November 1, 2022

Global Action Month 2022: Say No to Violence - Let's Break the Silence

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Workshop of the International Youth Network (IYN) in Basel for this year's Global Action Month: Say No to Violence: Let's Break the Silence

During Global Action Month (GAM), young people from the International Youth Network (IYN) are once again taking action. The GAM is a partnership campaign of terre des hommes Switzerland and terre des hommes Germany within the framework of the international Terre des Hommes movement and takes place every year in November. Under the motto "Say No to Violence: Let's Break the Silence," the IYN advocates for respect and peaceful coexistence with events, on social media and live on site. In this way, the young people on site contribute to the prevention of violence, collectively raise awareness and show solidarity with other regions of the world.

Global Action Month 2022 on social media

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Stop violence

Statement on the police action of 25.11.22 against unauthorized demonstration in Basel

On Friday, November 25, an unauthorized demonstration in Basel ended violently. After about 200 people gathered on the Theaterplatz around 7 p.m. on the occasion of the International Day against Violence against Women, the Basel City Cantonal Police used various means such as rubber bullets to break up the demonstration. According to the police, dialogue with the demonstrators had been sought beforehand. It seems grotesque: On the same day, the cantonal police went public with the campaign "Halt Gewalt" (Stop Violence) - and on the same evening, they reacted with violence to the demonstrators, who drew attention to the same problems.  

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Attention: Danger of confusion!

We would like to point out that the cardboard advertising that is currently being dropped into mailboxes does not come from us, but from Terre des hommes- Kinderhilfe weltweit. In Switzerland there are three completely independent organizations with the same name: Terre des Hommes Suisse, Terre des hommes - Kinderhilfe weltweit, from which the advertisement in question originates, and terre des hommes schweiz. We therefore ask that feedback on the advertising not be sent to us. Further information on the three different organizations can be found here.

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Mateus Nascimento is a young farmer from Paraíba, Brazil.

The gold from the northeast of Brazil

Couscous is a food that is so present in northeastern Brazil that many Brazilians are unaware of its African origins. The food, made from corn flour, is an essential part of Brazilian food culture. One of the products that is trying to establish itself is the "Flocão da Paixão". But the battle for market share is fierce. At a quick glance through the shelves of a supermarket, couscous products may look the same. But appearances are deceptive. The so-called "commercial" seed dominates the food market. A bitter aftertaste: the associated use of agrotoxic substances and genetic modification are a threat to people and the environment. Mateus Nascimento,

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