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Youth exchange across borders

Nothing works at terre des hommes switzerland without young people. Young people are not only our target group, they are also actively involved in our projects. Many of them are connected in the International Youth Network IYN. Together, they stand up for a global culture of tolerance: Young people from Africa, Latin America and Switzerland act freely and self-determined in the International Youth Network.

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Global Action Month 2022: Say No to Violence - Let's Break the Silence

During Global Action Month (GAM), young people from the International Youth Network (IYN) are once again taking action. GAM is a partnership campaign of terre des hommes switzerland and terre des hommes Germany within the framework of the international Terre des Hommes movement and takes place every year in November. Under the motto "Say No to Violence: Let's Break the

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The Music Festival and More - 20 Years of Imagine for Diversity and Inclusion

Media release - After two years of forced break from Corona, the popular imagine festival is finally taking place again in Basel at the beginning of June, a supra-regional crowd puller with a national message. Grandiose musical acts and a sensitization program to the imagine slogan "For diversity. Against discrimination" await young and old on two days before Whitsun on Barfüsserplatz and the Klosterhof stage. imagine, the self-organized youth project of terre

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Really knowing children's rights: Teaching material for a solidary school

Media release - To mark International Children's Rights Day, four Swiss organizations for the rights and perspectives of children and young people are publishing a pedagogical toolkit for professionals in schools and education. It focuses on the topic of play, leisure and recreation. The toolkit can be downloaded free of charge from the website www.children-rights.ch.

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Festival imagine goes Sommercasino

For 20 years, a group of young people in Basel and the region have been demonstrating how youth culture, creativity and social commitment can be combined effectively and with pleasure. This is imagine basel, the self-organized project of terre des hommes switzerland. On June 4 and 5, a Corona-suitable alternative program to the world-famous sound festival will be held in Basel for

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Young people make a selfie

Young people defy climate change

With the global climate strikes, climate change has become the focus of attention worldwide. In Brazil, its consequences have been felt for a long time: increasing drought, degraded soils and misguided land and environmental policies are endangering the environment and thus also smallholder agriculture. Many young people are migrating in search of new income opportunities. With our partner organization Centro Sabiá

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Concert on the Barfüsserplatz and the stage is bathed in blue-violet light.

imagine Festival 2018 - Is that allowed?

A year has passed so quickly and again the impressive festival of the imaginary young people awaits us this coming weekend. Completely organized by the young people themselves, the program once again leaves nothing to be desired. We are looking forward to enriching this event with the photo box. Will you visit us there?

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Construction of the main stage. Stage in the background. Photographed from above.

imagine festival 2017: discrimination restricts!

Since it became clear at the end of last year that the Barfüsserplatz would be rebuilt, the team of imagine had to rethink. A new festival place had to be found. The young people made a virtue out of necessity and that's why the imagine festival starts this Friday in the harbour area. A place like made for this occasion.

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Young people stand in the tent in front of the photo box and have their picture taken together.

imagine Festival 2016 - courage to meet!

Another year has passed and the imagine is just around the corner. The young people of the imagine team have come up with a lot of ideas about courage. Of course, we don't want to miss this and offer all festival visitors the opportunity to meet in the photo box and at tschuttiheftli swap meets.

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