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We collect for Mozambique

We are collecting donations for the reconstruction and food supply in Mozambique. In the spring of 2019, Cyclones Idai and Kenneth hit thousands of people and destroyed the harvest

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Nobuhle Moyo and her grandfather. Bekezela helps the adults to better understand the situation and feelings of their children.

Prevention and education that goes down well

In the Zimbabwean Bubi mini-district one in five people is infected with HIV. However, those affected have hardly any access to medical help. Together with our partner organisation Bekezela, we train young people to protect themselves properly against HIV/AIDS and early pregnancy.

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Woman with Ele Nao shield in her hair and Ele Nao ring

Brazil chooses its future

On Sunday Brazil will elect its president and the stakes are high. The favourite is the right-wing national Jair Bolsonaro, who repeatedly attracts attention with sexist, racist and even anti-democratic statements. Should Brazil elect him, the country will be in dire straits.

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Young woman from Peru shows her freshly harvested coffee beans.

The power of youth

Today, August 12th, the UNO celebrates youth. Many actions by and with young people take place. The youth and their power change society again and again. The young people are the future. This makes it all the more important to support young people and to ensure that their important concerns are heard.

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Concert on the Barfüsserplatz and the stage is bathed in blue-violet light.

imagine Festival 2018 - Is that allowed?

A year has passed so quickly and again the impressive festival of the imaginary young people awaits us this coming weekend. Completely organized by the young people themselves, the program once again leaves nothing to be desired. We are looking forward to enriching this event with the photo box. Will you visit us there?

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"They will not silence us!"

The murder of Marielle Franco, a city councillor and human rights activist from Rio de Janeiro, hit our partner organisations in Brazil like a slap in the face. The organisations working to prevent violence in favelas feel that they could be just as badly affected at any time.
Andrea Zellhuber, Violence Prevention Unit

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Small children hold up their school backpacks.

1347 Swiss school bags delight Sahrawi refugee children

For 20 years, terre des hommes switzerland has been supporting children and young people in the Sahrawi refugee camps in the Algerian desert, some of whom lack the most basic necessities. Last summer, the Manor department store chain collected old school backpacks as part of the "Back to School" campaign for the benefit of Sahrawi school children. Now 1347 school bags have reached children and young people who can use them very well.

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Shield with Spanish inscription. In the background people and an American flag

Trump's migration policy: worrying consequences for El Salvador

Since the end of 2017, terre des hommes schweiz has been supporting a pilot project in El Salvador for young returnees who have been deported from the USA. The already worrying situation is now coming to a head. The US government's decision to lift the protection status for refugees from El Salvador has dramatic consequences for the battered country.
Andrea Zellhuber, Violence Prevention Unit

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A young woman fetches water from a white

Cistern programme wins silver at World Future Policy Award

The Temer government is pursuing a clear course in Brazil: it is in the process of abolishing the social achievements of recent years. This also affects the "one million cisterns" programme, which can successfully combat the drought problem. This program has a tailwind. Last autumn it won the silver Future Policy Award.

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