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Arms Export Switzerland Brazil

Despite violence - Swiss arms exports to Brazil continue

Swiss companies exported war materiel worth 955 million Swiss francs to 60 countries in 2022 based on licenses issued by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco) - 29 percent more than in 2021. Despite the new war materiel law, munitions were also exported to Brazil - despite a tense political situation and human rights violations. The fears of terre des hommes switzerland

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Young people in the crosshairs: In many places, repression and police violence are part of everyday life. Photo: José Ramiro Laínez Sorto

Civil society under pressure

When governments target non-governmental organizations, be it with bureaucratic hurdles, smear campaigns or even violence against activists, terre des hommes switzerland has to rethink its role as an international partner organization. Strengthening civil society has always been a cornerstone of our work. It is the partner organizations in our program countries that make need-based projects possible and, with their profound

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Drawn teenager with palm tree hairstyle against yellow background

"My black body a target"

Lucas Leão is a poet and human rights activist. His colleague Cassiane Paixão works as a political consultant and is involved in social movements. Both are young, of Afro-Brazilian origin and participate in CIPÓ. This partner organization of terre des hommes switzerland works with disadvantaged black youth in Salvador on the topic of violence prevention. The large city of Salvador is located in the state of Bahia in the

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Police bring death from the air

Over the roofs of the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, European helicopters circle again and again, bringing death. The state's civilian police hunt down criminals on the ground from the air and let bullets rain down, as published operational recordings show. The fact that innocent people's lives are in danger is accepted by the officers. So also in the case

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No arms exports to Brazil

The Swiss arms business is reaching new record levels. Among the recipient countries are countries like Brazil with a highly problematic human rights situation. Switzerland must do its utmost to stop arms deals with Brazil, demands terre des hommes switzerland. The development organisation supports the corrective initiative, which calls for stronger democratic control over the export of war material to civil war countries.

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"There is only one world and we share it"

Is the Corona pandemic a driver of sexual violence against girls and women in South Africa? How does terre des hommes switzerland implement the cross-cutting issue of gender in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development? Why is our solidarity with young people in the global South particularly important right now? The big personal interview for International Women's Day on March 8, 2021 with

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