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"My black body a target"

Lucas Leão is a poet and human rights activist. His colleague Cassiane Paixão works as a political consultant and is involved in social movements. Both are young, of Afro-Brazilian origin

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No arms exports to Brazil

The Swiss arms business is reaching new record levels. Among the recipient states are countries such as Brazil with a highly problematic human rights situation. Switzerland must do its utmost,

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In Brazil, the police behave as in the civil war and repeatedly target innocent people.

It's like Brazil is in a civil war. 

Conditions in Brazil are like those of the civil war. Every day innocent people are killed by bullets from police and drug gangs. Among the dead are also many young people and children. A big problem are the political hardliners who give the police a free hand. For many officials, the population in the favelas is under general suspicion.

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