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In Brazil, the police behave as in the civil war and repeatedly target innocent people.

It's like Brazil is in a civil war. 

Conditions in Brazil are like those of the civil war. Every day innocent people are killed by bullets from police and drug gangs. Among the dead are also many young people and children. A big problem are the political hardliners who give the police a free hand. For many officials, the population in the favelas is under general suspicion.

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Women in purple T-shirts hold up white signs. In front of them a banner with the crawl Lifeline.

Silence is not gold

As every year, the international 16 days of action against violence against women begin today. Between 25 November and 10 December, actions and events will take place worldwide to make the taboo subject public. Our South African partner organisation Lifeline also organised a protest march in Pietermaritzburg today.
Hafid Derbal, Programme Officer South Africa and Zimbabwe

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A teenager juggles a white football with her foot.

Football: a school for life

Violence and crime reign in many slums of Latin America. Young people grow up in communities that no longer have any cohesion or common commitment. In this context, the partner organisations of terre des hommes Switzerland work with young people in football courses: Here they discover that there is community and protection even beyond violent and criminal gangs.
Andrea Zellhuber, Violence Prevention Unit

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Infographics about the health risks of domestic violence.

Violence against women - a worldwide epidemic

Many of the partner organisations of terre des hommes schweiz have been dealing with the problem of gender-specific violence for years. In Africa, more than every third woman suffers violent assaults. However, it is not only women from countries of the South who are struggling with this phenomenon. The annual campaign "16 days against violence against women" draws attention to this problem and its consequences.

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