Projects in Colombia

Projects in Colombia

The armed conflict between FARC rebels and the government ended in 2016. This means that there is still a long way to go before there is real peace in Colombia. But the way is clear for social actors to begin building peace. The partner organisations of terre des hommes schweiz are actively working for peace.

Young people break the spiral of violence

The city of Medellín gained notoriety in the 1980s because of Pablo Escobar's drug cartel. Today, the city is still characterized by violence, gang crime and drug trafficking. Many children and young people grow up in this atmosphere of fear and insecurity. They react to problems with violence out of habit. To prevent young people in Medellín's problem neighborhoods from taking a criminal path, we offer them meaningful leisure activities in safe spaces. They learn to develop their potential and engage in various actions to bring about social change in their community.

Commitment to the environment: Young campesinos act

The department of Nariño has always been characterized by conflicts. In addition to gang and drug-related crime, land conflicts in connection with mining projects are a particular feature of the region. The population is confronted with various forms of violence in the family, community, social and institutional spheres. Together with our local partner organization, we support peace activities by young people and their ecological income-generating initiatives.

A future for young people in the countryside

In Colombia, farming families are heavily affected by the civil war. Thousands have already been threatened by armed groups and forced to leave their land. Every day new displaced persons are arriving. Our partner organisation ACA supports groups of young farmers so that they are not displaced and have a perspective in the countryside.

Life perspectives away from crime and violence

The poor district of Aguablanca in Cali is marked by the violence of the armed conflict in Colombia. Many young people end up in violent gangs due to a lack of prospects. These are sometimes linked to mafia or paramilitary groups and terrorise the population. Our partner organisation Paz y Bien seeks to talk to these young people and shows them alternative ways of life.

Basic information

Simplified map of Colombia

Size: 1.1 million km² (27 times Switzerland)

Population49.1 million (5.8 times Switzerland)

Human Development Index: 0,727 (rank 95 of 185 countries)

Distribution of income in %: 76,2 (0 = equal distribution / 100% = one person has everything)

Share of population from 0 to 24 years43.3% (Switzerland: 26.5%)

Homicide rate25 per 100 000 inhabitants (Switzerland: 0.6)

Focus of work: Prevention of violence

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